Free download, POP display cards, and seals for selling vegetables and fruits in the fields markets, grocery stores, or those selling vegetables and fruits by yourself.

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Add nuts, POP cards and Ofukuwake page, too.
Japan is getting cold. Japanese people love eating the hot pot dish in the winter season is called "nabe" in Japanese. In cabbage nabe is all for rage in me!
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Free illustrations

Feel free to use our illustrations! It features simple and cute hand-drawn watercolor illustrations of vegetables and fruits from the vegetable garden. You can use it for your favorite media such as pamphlets, POP, advertisements, etc. (free material)

free promotional stickers

Free promotional stickers

We have created free promotional stickers. How about a one-point accent when selling? We provide free images for oval and rectangular stickers such as Morning Harvest, Fresh, Delicious, Organic, etc. (free material)

free POP cards

Free POP display

We have created a business card-sized POP display that can be used to display prices and provide detailed information during sales promotions. The accented design catches the eye as a POP display item. There are also cards with words such as organic, pesticide-free, and organically grown. (free material)

Selling goods

Selling Goods

We will sell stickers, business card size cards, and other items and data you desire here.

Design request

Design request

If you are thinking about selling original products, you can also request a package design from here. We accept package designs such as bags and boxes, sticker designs, logo designs, etc.



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